June 8, 2019

Of all the feats I’ve ever engaged in, there is one that comes out as being superior to them all. One in which, ultimately, everything collapses and becomes a part of. It is that mystical portal, the access to which, each of us possess, though stowed away in secret and unused. It, is the realm of thoughts.

Thinking empowers us. It is one tool that is so nested within us that we are inseparable from it; without which we have no definition. In fact, our thoughts are dynamically transforming, shifting and redesigning its domain – the mind. Unlike most expressive forms of passion, this is one engagement where the outside is quiet and mundane, but the inside is a mayhem – where something is forging, something is being created, something dynamic.

I carry my thoughts wherever I go, because of which no venture can less that rapture me. The mind and the external world are strongly connected. The world I see outside influences the thought that take form inside my mindscape to define my personality. The contents of my mind (i.e. thoughts) warp the way I see the reality. The interaction of these are the experiences of every moment that make up life. When I have the key to my thoughts, I can engage myself by looking at any boring situation in various perspectives and consciously notice those details which add to the richness of the experience, and save them as little rare trinkets of memories in my mind. My mind is the mine where I make a collection of anything captivating that I come across. Later on, I can call upon from the array of stored recollections and build an enchanting imagination around it. Endlessly I can extend the boundaries of my world and fuse universes that lie beyond reality into my reality. This way, my existence is unbounded.

It is not just the charm and comfort of fantasies and scenarios that I can craft with my mind. There is a more intellectually gratifying aspect to it to. My voyage with thoughts does not just lead to fictional lands but also on a chase to new discoveries. Trailing a single thread- called hypothesis, problem or question- I can explore a labyrinth of possibilities. The mind is a deep world where all that I know exists on the surface. But the interesting part is cruising beneath its surface and digging every concept deeper and deeper and creating tunnels that connect one concept to another to create intricate schemas. The more I wander among my thoughts, the more I discover and develop as a person in unexpected ways.

But despite having possessed it for our entire lives, we have not tinkered with it long enough to test all that we can do. Although the first few years of life, every child delights in wringing this amazing toy this way and that, and exploring its multi-dimensional potentials, overtime, caught up in a chase for new sensations and other external distractions, we forget this once favorite toy. Now it is used by most of us, either unconsciously or consciously only to the extent it is functionally necessary. The absorption and excitement of exploring this all- encompassing tool has died. Consequently, unlike children who could engage themselves with just their minds or enrich any experience by garnishing it in their cherished imagination, we find ourselves bored. Children actively enchant themselves by creating a nexus between their minds and their external world, and never let themselves tire of what they see, for they could go on thinking for hours, in various ways and in various scenarios about the objects they have seen.

The mind is an inbuilt mechanism to escape tediousness at any moment by immersing ourselves in an ocean of facilities. It is a land of beauty, erudition and creativity that we need to once again begin playing with and exploring.

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