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June 17, 2019


Someday when I’m free,

I’ll blossom like the gibbous

From the waning crescent face.

And set my colors raging

Upon the whispering world.


Someday when I’m free,

I’ll cease to stare at these seas.

And attempt to grow my own wings

Like Icarus shattering his restrains

To taste the skies before falling.

Someday when I’m free,

I won’t hesitate to mould that ink blotch

In the shape that sings my story,

Like the bold incisions in tree barks

That survived the subduing ice.

Someday when I am free,

I’ll wear this reality

The way I’ve weaved it in my dreams.

But not today, for right now-

I’m the spring waiting within the Winter.


© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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