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February 10, 2019

At least a thousand times, this song I’ve heard.

For when I do,

with the rise of your voice,

this reality submerges

in a variety of spheres.

A love so delirious and delectable

As to make the heart beat a shade faster,

A moment so surreal as if in the realms of dreams.

All that the touch and the sight brought to your heart,

There at that moment, through your music, your words,

In my world I feel-

Those songbirds you unleash from your chest,

Beating in mine own I feel,

In the moment your music has united us –

two unknown souls,

And through your delight, mine I found;

Your love, as though rising from my soul own, I felt.


But there’s more that your voice lulls me into-

A flurry of fancy kicks up into the air like dust,

And wispy clouds of imagination around me opaquens

Obscuring the drab walls of the world all ‘round.

Every intensity of feeling that burst forth your song,

Like obsidian, on pale white clouds pierce-

Paintings slowly form, hanging there in flesh, fascinating

Scenes weaved from the heart of music,

still unsure about their own existence,

But untasted and flowing with a bosom full of feelings to be quenched.

On imitation, figures rise up in my mind vividly

And imitating your own love that inspired this song,

I seek a similar perfection of my own

And your real joy, from my made up scenarios;

made-up , yet so brought to life

by the throbbing, undeniable impact of true emotions

That your melodies betray.

Non-existent fancies float around my mind

Obscuring all else that does existent without being asked to.


Ah, the pleasure this evokes,

This sharing of joy between me and you

through these tuned word-wires.

Another sphere descends upon my mind and heart.

All past recollections of happiness such closely met

And as deeply known as now,

Flutter back to life –

Like roused from a deep slumber

In the base of the mind where unforgotten things dwell.

Long unused, dust laden memories of good times

Are found again in the eyes of this joy so akin.

Every bit of blessing ever my life had beheld

All at once rushes back

To multiply this pleasure to infinity,

Till I am sure not what happiness I am so sunk on,

But drunk on this, I am.


Suddenly, silent words of romantic novels are given a voice,

An expression. I am sure, this is the song the heroine heard

Every time she saw her love;

The same ecstasy that escapes me

Must have, from her, bubbled out then.

And such, all happy things, all loved, heartfelt things

Revolving in the orbit of joy in this universe

Unite together to intensify.

I become all the cherished characters –

Young lovers, laughing children, brightness of childhood,

Shy-furtive glances, catching eyes, recollections –

All blissful things unite,

Oh, I am the very soul of romantic whispers.

And to think, just to think

That all this flutter of the heart –

This unnamed, unreasoned expression of delight;

This living imagination of a life of dream,

Unknown throbbing desire, robed as scenarios;

An infusion of every kind of happiness so far felt,

A unity of all loving hearts –

All, all from one melody-

One melody unrestrained by one heart that true delight felt.

The uncontainable exhilaration of one soul,

When expressed, the entire universe raptures,


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