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November 24, 2018

I have in me rising, this zest,

a wave soaring to caress the sky with its crest.

The world around me is changing,

each day new drops of inspiration building.


I want to own all the music in the Earth

and dance like the whole Earth was my hearth.

I am a child of today dreaming of wonders,

trails of sweat marking my conquests.


We laugh, we scatter with all the strength of the world

we are children with fire in our hearts, tomorrow in our hands,

hand in hand we’ve begun this race already,

to caress the sky and show the Earth our myriad colors.


For we are young and crawling with zest,

passion sparkling inside our souls, waiting to achieve.

For we are children, you and I-

unbroken vessels, believing in our strengths.


We don’t know what pain is.

Neither would we pretend that we do

nor would we want to learn to prize tears.

No, we are children – fearless achievers, unfaltering.




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