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January 20, 2019


An apostrophe to the moon.


Why do you gaze alone into yonder,

Searching the dark ocean for a ray?

Is it you, oh lady of the night, I wonder,

Seeking your lover’s embrace in dismay?

A lone queen ruling this empire of yearning,

No king to fondle you- by your side to stay.

Oh! What happened that he must maroon you to your longing

Why does he, from your kingdom take flight?

To satiate his lust, elsewhere is he seeking?

Where does he go, that king of daylight?

I wonder what beauty, from you turned his daze,

What arresting enchantress’ spell?

What young maiden laid her wanton gaze,

where ‘the lady of the night’ ’s heart dwell?

Is it the planets eight that he keeps in his thrall

or the Earth with her golden peaks that swell?

Oh! What did happen that he must thus vanish,

Banishing you from his bright land, spurning your love?

A love so patient that even distance can’t languish,

Your radiance reflecting his glow.

To love what devotion, unflinching surrender,

That fraught with despair you don’t splinter!

Ah, what sacred love does this render?

for your smile for him and for us doesn’t waver.

Ye, mother of patience, the deity of love,

Dight those heavy uncasted pearl tears.

For you’re alone not, though far above,

On Earth, unslept hearts lend their prayers,

And those lone night souls lain awake with you,

Serenade to your woes from below.



-Sahana Narendran


© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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