Aesthetic writ


October 3, 2018

I want those things that belong in a realm beyond this world. The magical tales found in songs and dreams. The elegant skirts that awaken the air, as they sparkle their way, cutting an arc mid-air. The soft piano notes that float into the night through the open windows that pour out golden lights. The elaborate chandeliers that speckle the eye with dancing golden spots. The unending moments from a universe where time doesn’t exist. The shy and bright eyes that show and hide a feeling, and the stray strands of curly hair. The tender graceful circles traced by slow dancing feet.

The invisible sparks of love. The tender music that gently stirs the air. The unsure smiles and uncertainty of reality and dream. The transparent fairy wings sending their songs into the night’s magic. The fairy lights that wink like a sleepy damsel. The silence of words unspoken; the silence of hearts that passionately speak. A miracle and a tale that belongs in the realm of magical things that were lost in the pause between this moment and the next.

The hush of an enchanted bedchamber where time sleeps undisturbed.


I want the never-ending stories. I want the magic of love, eternity and timelessness that exists in the fairytales to be mine. And I want these enchanting things that exist only in the unlit corridor of fantasy unfound between the closed eyelids and dreaming mind. In a far-far-away land of imagination…



What a childish 16-year-old I must be :O


(Image credits: Pinterest)

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