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February 1, 2019

Swimming beneath the currents of night sky,

Ignites the darkness, the city of Casperain,

With its glass and gold tower-chains piercing high.

Spires arching to the clouds together entwain

Like the dames in their red robes and evening pearls

With their men under the canopy of spring flowers’ rain.

Rivers fondling the picturesque glow of the cityscape curls

‘Round the red brick streets dappled with night-population.

Ivy ‘round pillars, overlooking the house of musicians, twirls.

Chiming charms from dancer’s anklets, its invitation

To the trespasser on the road, from the gardens extend.

Unsober upon the wine of ecstasy, men rejoicing in adulation.

Honey and spiced greens, the spring air to itselves bend.

The tongue in food-lust aroused, disregard for the paunch.

Oh, this city of Casperain, where days in glory folks spend!

Sprawling ‘long the fray, the home of the auntiqued, staunch,

Where denizen’s of Casperain, their hair now turned grey,

In regret of youthful days rash spent, sound their wailing conch.

Mascara streaks the tearied eye of lovers turned away.

Money bled in uncouth arts painted with virtues unfound.

Belated to those once befriended, ‘lone men wander astray.

‘Tis the city of Casperain, it’s magnificence unbound,

Where blazing brightness gives birth to dark shadows profound.

-Sahana Narendran


© 2019 Sahana Narendran

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