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October 19, 2018

By the bay waters tinted by the moonlight

I hear the siren’s song bewitching the night.

A nameless euphoria; my dispairs fight

the alluring sirens beckoning from out of sight.

The tentacles of enchantments walked me to the shore

where the oceans crashing against the rocks roar

their desperate warning of the siren’s folklore

but deafened I walked, legs led by amore.

The winds, one last time, a warning whispers

about the miserable woes beneath the glamour.

Then engulfed my body the water, wind, and fear

when hypnotized, to their calls, I turned a deaf ear.

Like a moth drawn to death couldn’t resist the flame,

I fell for the temptations just the same,

and offered my body, offered my name

like a fool, to the magic’s malignant game.

Now a formless voice, I wander in regret,

serenading along with the siren’s septet,

one more wayward girl caught in charm’s fishnet,

mourning a melody to lure another soul yet.

– Sahana Narendran


(Image courtesy: Pinterest)


© 2018 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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