Okay, so as a lot of you might already know, this is officially NaPoWriMo, or – National (/Global) Poetry Writing Month. ( to dive deep into the intricacies of this so-not-occult practise)

So I have decided to liven up things in here a bit by posting one prompt based poem every for the next thirty days (okay, 24 – I am 6 days late into joining)

A few of these may not exactly be up to the mark, for this practice requires that I write something regardless of reaching the unfettered state of flow (which is when I generally interlace my ideas and ink) But since this commitment involves fabricating something whether or not time and mood align to eclipse distractions, it is quite possible that those words deluged on a cloudy day where my mind is preoccupied, could be rather tastefully sketched.

Also, a couple of days, I will be posting 2 poems – one based on the writing prompt posted by my poetry group – Mycaptain ( and one from the official NaPoWriMo site.

But do bear with me while I practice some stretches oops, sketches – sketches of poems- to stretch my writing muscle and creative nerves. I am still going to try my best to wrought the verses as artfully as possible, so don’t despair or turn away in disgust already… for I am going to be needing your enthusiastic feedbacks on this journey.

So stay tuned to join in here with me for NaPoWriMo.