I cordially invite you into the ‘Mindscape’.
Here you will discover ‘how’ I do everything I do.

Can you recreate reality out of your mind?

Build landmarks with dreams?

While translating individual visions into concrete feats for the world to marvel at, there is something between the two that most people don’t notice much.

Although the accomplishments of great people seem to exist on their own, they aren’t really uni-dimensional. They are only the outputs – the tangible manifestations born from the mating of intangible passions (the why) and revolutionary ideas (the how) that stir within a person’s abstract spirit.

To become something

extraordinary, you have to

do things that are


An undeniable nexus that connects all the great men who still stand unforgotten in the pages of history, is that they were different people.

Not all those who reigned the world of their times and stole the front covers of gazettes are vibrantly remembered today. While many once-famous men have gotten lost in the mines of memory now- still living, but as some scrawny scribble in a dust-gathering musical record that not many care about, the only ones who still survive are those who have been different- not merely excellent in what everyone did, but rather, completely revolutionary.

If Shakespeare, Beethoven, Einstein, and Van Gogh are celebrated even today, it is because they were mavericks who set unparalleled legacies. They redefined the entire sphere where they flourished by accenting their art with the reflection of their character.

What really makes them and their creations so unique is their unconventional styles of working, their novel ways of thinking, beliefs, perspectives, attitude and profound personalities that were unseen by their contemporaries and forgotten by their future admirers who see their monuments of art but not what made it.

So, to stand out as an unmovable rock epitaph amidst ever-flowing currents, we have got to do things not everyone does. To look at life differently- from an entirely novel direction; innovation, dedication, perspectives, grit, and passion.

We need to discover ourselves; the secrets of unveiling our potential and unleashing our flow. Of understanding what makes us exceptional and applying it in all that we do, so that everything we do flares with magnificence and personality. A study of the mind.

Because, only then can we recreate reality with our minds.


To complete my story, that begins with the quietly quaking impetus and ends in the opaque oeuvres that will one day define me, this invisible link has to be made visible.

Also, if you have seen what I have created (in ‘Expressions’), you should also know the journey behind its creation. This, I also hope, could inspire you to unfold your own sleeping powers; to galvanize you into discovering what makes you unique, because, without understanding your own modus operandi, you can’t achieve ceaselessly.

Therefore, here I do something unique. Here, I document the experiences gained from my efforts to build landmarks with my dreams, and condense them into techniques and secrets that can be applied throughout the journey.