lyric Verses, Hymns and Symphonies


December 18, 2018

When the smoke is ceased and the war horn choked still

Through the rill of blood and shattered causes I will

Search for the cottage, once lovely under the swelling moon until,

The gleaming steel swords, shrouded in darkness, my home did kill.

Years have lapsed, awards showered; Verses wrought

Off the miserable hues of the battle fought

Yet, the modest warmth of my old hut I’ve found not

Ruined by war with the dreams of simple boys and orphans with nought.

Now, under the silent sky, the burrs and weeds, counting, I lay,

Lashed out in tallys like the scars and corpses of my days.

What is war and what is red victory, I says,

That leaves its survivors bereft with blue breath in the sorrows of yesterdays.


© 2018 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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