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January 15, 2019

All that I ever needed was

To once forget and let myself feel,

To rub back blood into the benumbed mass,

To my heart’s mute call, I wanted to yield.

A shadow of a lake, drops after drops collect

Made of silent desires, deep within my being

A glistening dark forbidden pool I object

To be seen in daylight’s busy moments fleeing.

But how long could I my passions keep chained?

Unceasing they rumble to be satisfied

How long could I turn a deaf ear to their strain?

The heart- can the heart into calmness be belied?

When all the hustle for money and might,

And all the passionate work for success

Have eased beneath the blanket of night

The longings denied begin to effervesce.

An aspiration mouthed in the word

But a different hidden longing tugs from within

How long can these desires be ignored?

A song, a sensation wakes them from beneath the skin.

In the end I dreams in corners that shadows vented,

Away from daylight, in the solitude of imagination.

Staring into the gleaming dark pool of desires augmented,

Fancying to be someone else for a while- that girl in the pool’s reflection.

My waking hours dissolve in sweat drops for big dreams-

My real dreams though are small, shadowed long

A yearning for someone to fall for my gleam

A longing to be the music and dance to his song.

In the end that’s what happens when true desires hide.

Machine hands work for feigned dreams

While the spurned dreamer sits cross legged inside.

Awakened by a night, a song, the real dreams voiceless, scream.

-Sahana Narendran


A clumsy attempt at writing lyrics by changing one of my third-person-view poems to first person??


© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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