November 20, 2017

In the seam of this world lies another world. A little world on Earth, big enough to consume the real world…


The Mindscape is a dance of imagination, an endlessness of infinite blending of magic and mundane, and creatures and men, from the lands and oceans of far-far-away. The rich incense of wisdom, magic, and a melange of strange cultures scents its winds, and tales and truths, wrapped in raiments of delicate and aesthetic beauty, brew in the heart of the Mindscape.

A young bard girl weaves her way through the fantastical streets of this magical mind city, releasing rhapsodies into the dusk with her enchanting stories. Amidst the din of chatter and cries and the clangor of metal, her feet trace the brick-and-cobble streets, as she walks slowly, singing, lost in a timelessness of her own. Men and women stop to stare and smile at this other-worldly being with her songs forged from the hues of life and magic that shape the city.

Beyond her, the sky shifts and dances with every moment. Sometimes blushing red, soft as love; sometimes as misty as early morning thoughts; at other times, speckled with silver shards of memory stars. The city shivers and shifts, beautiful like a mid-slumber dream.

Jade and glass spires drift into existence, gardens of houses as different as desires engulfing the tall structures. Narrow cobbled alleys disappear into darkness, shadows and sordid men whispering within the dark. Elsewhere, settled wanderers with a chaos of white beard and eyes as deep as insights guard the ancient wisdom. Their hymns of ancient truths waft into the air, like incense. Outsides their friaries, the common city bursts into a blur of brightness and a rain of little lights. Songs of men with rich silk-and-samite accents and the trebles and notes of instruments from strange lands and home rise up to the sky, intertwined with the music of a million tongues flavored with distant seas and cities.

And every once a while, the chime of an anklet twinkles from the street corners. Women with skin as white as clouds and flitting onyx eyes slide and swirl like waves, effusing the aroma of rich violets. Their bellowing red dresses rise and drink the air like red flames, before falling back softly around their body contour.

Traders from continents unheard of, in their purple, shamrock and cerise silks wander the streets with a sparkling smile that speaks of hidden riches. Their majestic ships of polished wood and carved decks ornate with riches from the seven seas and beyond, await their return in the wharves. Gold as plenty as greed and scrolls formed from deep quests into mysteries lay concealed in the ships’ bellies.

In the bubbling, honey-colored sea water that laps into the city seams, live creatures unknown, forgotten and unthought of.  Ancient languages are diffused in the water under the sea, and often, songs of truth in the tongues of the sea-dwellers are heard upon the seashore. For those with the hearing, the wails of the sirens reverberate in the seaside rocks, the sound of the oceans deep streaked in their voices.

In the fringes of the city’s other side, Griffins, pegasi and Cerberuses roam the dark woods and wilds. In the middle of the night, foot trails made by chimeras lead deeper into the forest. The rust-colored tree leaves rustle as the deep roar of the manticores echo through the sinister silence. Necromancy livens the woods of the night. Wendigos prowl the wild lands. Hags and sorceresses practice their black arts under the moonless sky.

In the middle of the forest flows the silver river of white magic. Sphinx walk among the enchanting orchids and blooms that scent the air with a divine sweetness of an ethereal knowledge unbearable to the human kin. Centaurs with fierce eyes and enameled armors guard the good.

Other smaller creatures born of enchantments walk the civilization among men. Goblins especially swarm the cobble turn alleyways. Phoenixes are common pets to the wandering wise. Coquettish nymphs with golden hair and eyes flavored with sunlight and foliage prance around humans, a foot shorter than the race of men, yet softly alluring.

As the young bard girl advances further and further into this ever-changing and infinitely deep mind city, unheard voices and hymns begin to fill the air. Invisible things make themselves felt. New mysteries and beauty unravel into tapestries of words. Along with these, the tales talked of in the Mindscape wharves and inns, the indigenous folklore and the myths, along with the hum of truth and wisdom that eternally vibrates in the streets of the city, have been invited to leave behind inspiring inktrails and symphonies in this blog…


You are currently at the gates of this magical mind city. Walk in to discover my mindscape.

– The bard girl.


© 2018 Sahana Narendran

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