So, here you stand at the gates of my universe of expressions and this page will serve as your map in case you stumble and get lost among its complex designs and numerous alleys.

For all those who behold this strange site for the first time – beware, you are entering an entirely different universe of art, expressions, ideas, and pensive musings…The panorama of the forgotten dancer’s personality.

“In here, I leave behind my vibrant flavors so that one day, the world will remember me as the FORGOTTEN DANCER


So, I will start by enunciating the title of my blog- which is a reflection of the pulse of my site.

The forgotten dancer is what I oft like to think of myself as, because, at the end of time, no matter what I do, how I live, I would one day vanish from the memory of this world and this dance of my life will be forgotten. This was a feeling that stirred inside me ever, constantly disturbing my mind and keeping me up at nights, musings about my impermanence.

In the end, I found peace in accepting the fact and styling myself as the ‘forgotten dancer’, for, carving that as my definition helped me see that it was a truth I couldn’t temper. Each time, that reminded me of who am I am, making me immune to the constant disturbance within. (Also, in a world of temporal existence, that piece of truth felt like the only thing permanent.)

If I am but a forgotten dancer at the end of time, what really will be remembered, what really do I seek to make out of this life? This became the question that guided my pursuits. I wanted to be remembered as the forgotten dancer.

In the end, I realized, that’s it – that’s what my dream is – to be remembered for who I am. I don’t want to leave behind artworks or other innovations in my memory – I don’t want to leave behind books to speak of my name, or music tracks that recalls me every time – no, my work isn’t the art, but I myself am.

Now, that was a strange seeking, but then, it made my life so much more fascinating and colorful and all that I did had a meaning. This endeavor gave me so much vitality and vigor and prompted me to do things. My life was my canvas which I wanted to paint as elegantly, meaningfully and holistically as possible.

So here, I endeavor to recreate my intangible personality on the canvas of this blog. This blog is a reflection of me – the forgotten dancer – and the legacy I aspire to weave.


If this blog is my iterative story book, then maybe I should let you know about the main character that carries the story. So the ‘About Me’ page is quite just that – a medley of strange anecdotes, eccentric tastes and a vibrant personality hemorrhaging itself as art.

In this page (UP IN THE MENU), I whittle out a unique identity for myself, to bring out the intricate details of my painting that truly sets me apart. So in here, I attempt to take you all along with me on my myriad quests to find my potential and interests. Who am I? (What is the story of the forgotten dancer?)

Sometimes, in this scintillating sojourn, stirs the deep question ‘who are you – what unforgettable story can you unfold from within yourself?’.

Let’s find ourselves here. In this space for distinct personality – art and ideas.



Being an artist and a thinker, the reflections of my life are scattered into 3 factions –



Being a thinker who often drifts out of the surface reality and wanders the misted valleys of my mind, I unveil my impressions of what I think lies beyond the mundane in the faction –BEYOND

A space where my fingers forget what it carves upon the canvas and the soul unshackles itself to flow out with its deep sighs.

(basically, 2 a.m thoughts that stir with the question ‘why I am’// philosophy)



I am an avid dreamer with unconventional ideas that I strive to drag out of my colorful mind and into the world of sunlight.

In the faction titled ‘MINDSCAPE‘, I parse the details of what makes my mind ‘unique’ and gives me the strength to feel powerful enough to shape pieces of the world with my ideas. Then, I share those revealing experiences here so as to ignite the locked mines of your mind’s potential – flow and excellence.

This space is a panorama of the forgotten dancer’s mind.



Lastly, I’ve been screeching all along about my unique perspectives and the intricacies of my mind. But, why should you care – why should my character interest you or my ways inspire you?

Well, the only tangible credibility I have are the outputs – the solid EXPRESSIONS of art that has been inspired by my mindscape and vibrant style. My dream is to leave behind my life within these pieces of expressions – through these reflections, that they all burnish with a distinct flare of life and personality. If those expressions of myself don’t charm you and stir, atleast gently, some sleeping song within your soul… well, then maybe you don’t need to know the forces- hows and the whys- that are behind it, animating it to life.


Start at the expressions in the menu to walk through my art works – the output/ what of my life.


Finally, wander into BEYOND in the menu -my pensive musings about life and beyond- why of my life.


Next, stroll into MINDSCAPES in the menu to share my secrets of crafting art – how of my life.

Henceforth, you are free to explore around and dig further into these fascinating factions (of art and the artist behind it)

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