Day 3 – Seasons // Oxytocin

April 6, 2019

The prompt given by the official NaPoWriMo site: something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appriciable length of time.




“Oh, blushing nips of cherry sweet

Glancing through the blossom red

What is it that the whispering winds

In your maiden spring ears sing?

Does he my daughter in her pleated

Cream pinafore delight to see?

How the children void of grief

In the moment’s merry glee?

The coy cuckoo its mate summons,

Dear breeze, his love to her do carry

And while you through the meadows blow,

At the weaver’s nest do pause.

From the glen as you return

The acorns taste from squirrels’ barrow.

Do you, oh see, how lovely this scene

That blossoms fresh in moments young?

When twenty years long shall pass

And I, grey locked, to amble start,

Would you, this spring day’s symphony scatter

To whose to whom this time is past?”


“Gnarled stubs of branches bare

Whitherto your vivid blossoms left?

What does the raucous winter winds

In your age-worn ears rasp?

Is it about the mourning yards,

Where once my cream pinafore swayed?

Or of the children who enchanted

In moments now vanished long?

The lone cuckoo to winter pipes

Her serenade through dried meadows flow

Where once tapestries of twigs thrummed

With life, now memory subtle sleeps.

Tell me, what happened to squirrels that ere

Their acorns sealed from your eager taste?

You who born long past still live

Though thousands your frail man-friends forgotten.

Now leagues have crossed the wings of time,

Where once my mother stood I stand

What news from a yonder spring day past,

Of things gone twenty years, do you bring?’’


The prompt from my writing group – Mycaptain : Science




The laws of gravity drift in memory

The carpet of arcane theorems once learnt

My mind in thrall, their momentum hold

Yet, wanders the adamant heart.

‘No,’ remarks the laws, ‘the bodies

With a mass, massive alone attract’

And yet somehow her slender form

My polarity to herself draws.

The chemistry in shadows lay,

The cause unknown, effects uncared for.

The serenade of my silent heart

These impulses that science can’t explore.

Oxytocin, they will caption this,

Oh, but you have to feel this soul song she stirs.

Then you’ll know that even in death,

Castrated from my chemicals, her love I’ll seek.

Some force lying half – awakened

Some force mightier than gravity whispers,

That here is a disease no medic may dispel

Here is a sickness bringing rapture abound

Rapture and joy that endorphins haven’t felt,

For the yearning heart in amor,

ever elusive to science will remain.


I am inviting you all to join me in this venture. You can use either or both the prompts, but make sure you tag me XD.




© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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