April 25, 2019

The prompt given by the official NaPoWriMo site: Write a poem (i) that is specific to a season, (ii) that uses imagery related to all the 5 senses, (iii) that includes a rhetorical question.

Gotto say I am absolutely sorry.
It’s been about a week since I’ve updated stuff here. But I was under a total time crunch – with my board exams coming up and things. And I also had to re-erect this blog that I had diminished to ruins.

So, here I am now, another NaPoWriMo poem after long. Not one of my best – but whatever time yields, I guess. *Shrugs*
Also, total lack of the inspiration to write – I think the poem pretty much explains that. but hoping to get back into the groove and at least hoist the flag for the last week, gloriously.




I feel the resistance as I hike up the desert

Of endless barrenness laid white ‘fore me,

Cold wets the ground, my seeking feet,

With no answers for its musing call.


Oh, what songs do I wring of winter woods?

Where wonted deeps lie withering beneath-

Melodies strung on a dynamic day,

Hibernate beneath tranquil white sheets.


Silence inside my minds stirs,

So of silence alone now I could sing;

Where goblets with fiery flavor filled

with imagination, now dregs remain.


I taste the blizzard in the wind

That flows from yonder distances.

But flaring passions in my mind

Sleep like oceans within a shell.


Arctic wolves sniff for artistry

But where’s the fragrance of sweet songs? –

I can’t hear my winter hymn,

So of this bleakness can I sing?



I am inviting you all to join me in this venture. Use the prompt given above to craft your own verses.
And oh, be sure to tag me.




© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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