DAY 1 – Oh, Avyanna!

April 5, 2019

The prompt given by the official NaPoWriMo site: instruction on how to do something.

So, this poem isn’t exactly ”instruction” instruction – but it is about how to be strong. The ‘instructions’ are interspersed with the story form of narration.

Also, the word ‘Avyanna’ as you see in the heading (and will see in every refrain) is a female name that means ‘strong and beautiful’




Your face unlit like a wan sickle moon,

Almost eclipsed by the weight of this world;

The brazen scales of your brass phoenix wings,

Deep into your soft flesh claws.

Oh, Avyanna of untasted tears!

How long fortified by your shield of strength?

How long still blind to your woes you’d walk?

“Impregnable creatures don’t embrace the fall

For strength can cascade not down chasms;

Steel swords to every blow ring proud

yet never a pierce shatters them,” you say.

Oh, Avyanna who strives past sorrow!

You yearn to be strong, but your angst you’ve hid long

You yearn to illumine by shackling your shadows.

By the fire you flit, to be forged by flames

But let me tell you, resilience cannot be wrought

The ocean of woes that unvanquished you exiled

Now gather at your gate- a horde of foes

Oh, Avyanna of scaffolded heart!

Your wars can’t be concealed as you seek the light

Your fragments can’t be fastened by pantomime strings.

Let me tell you the verity of fortitude

It’s pain that courage into your heart caves.

You must amidst the bloodfield dance

Rise, as to Earth you fall, laced with scars.

Oh, Avyanna who misery neglects!

Don’t turn a deaf ear to your chained tears.

For that isn’t strength that feigns delight.

Oh, Avyanna disbelieving her grief!

Don’t be a fortress, for towers tumble down.

Persevere like the phoenix that from ashes arose.



I am inviting you all to join me in this venture. Use the prompt given above to craft your own verses.
And oh, be sure to tag me.




© 2019 Sahana Narendran Protection Status

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