October 22, 2019

The bards quest through the seven sands, seas and lands, seeking to quench their thirst for unique wisdom that grows like stalactites and lichens in unwonted nooks of this world. With every breath released by these mysterious creatures, their hymns, rich with the wonders of the world witnessed by their sagacious eyes, scatter into the wandering wind.

These hymns blow with the desert breeze, miles and miles far, touching the oceans, traversing with the voyagers’ vessels, and bringing to new lands far-far-away, the stories of cities beyond the seas.

The bustling talk of the townsfolk reverberates with the clangor of brass and metal wares displayed in sun-scorched market tents. Strings of jade and lapis-lazuli the color of the local women’s eyes dangle from the shop-fronts. Copper-skinned merchants in gold and wisteria dress robes stagger down the streets lined with archaic high houses of brick and polished stone. Birds sing from the clusters of emerald green treetops that dot the skirt of the city.

Queer customs run in the veins of the megapolis, the strong flavor of traditions throbbing in its pulses. The very soil of the city is drunk and soaked in the rich and sweet dregs of history. The scent of rare perfumes spices the air, fragrant with the taste of a unique culture. Cities are more than just marble and men and riches and perfumes.

They are living souls with a heartbeat of their own. Cities breathe. The taste of culture flows in their blood, aesthetic beauty crawls upon their skin, and the power of history has seeped into their heavy bones. History is a great dance of the rise and fall of these empires. Cities are born, cities live, cities die.  Here is where great epics and legends are born.

And the hymns of the bard recreate these marble and brick structures with their flavor of culture, from intricately carved trails of ink…


Photo by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis on Unsplash Image credits:


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