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March 13, 2019

(This came up when I tried to ask myself – what is special about what I do? What content should my blog have that no other does? )


Each human is unique. But what is it that really sets me apart? Where is my passion the strongest? What do I do best?

In this era of automation, it doesn’t help to be proficient in just one skill- one potential that I can handle with mastery. Because, now, a computer, with all its massive data can do what I do with greater efficiency in the eyes of the world. It can write with as much elegance as me, it can paint with greater precision that an artist, it can capture the moment as photographically as the masters. Why, it doesn’t even have to be computers. If all I have is a strong talent, anyone can acquire my skill and oust me with my own art.

So then If I wanna be unique, if I want to endure, what is it that I must do? What power do I have, that no one else has?

The answer – my exclusive genius lies not in my potential in a particular field, but in myself. My strength, my contribution to this world is myself.



If you can take me out of the art and the art still lives, through the hands of another artist, then I haven’t set a mark. But, the moment you take me out of the art, if the art itself ceases to be, then I have succeeded – done something no one else but I could.

Anyone, with dexterity and an artist’s eye, could paint a flower in the most heart warming flower. Because, here, all that the artist does is reflect the art. And anyone polished enough can be mirror.

But take for instance, ‘persistence of memory’ by Salvador Dali. If you take Dali out of the painting, well, no one else could have done it. Because the masterpiece is not a reflection of any art outside that can be learnt, but a reflection of the artist’s – Dali’s – mind; his imagination, his perspectives, his idea. The soft melting clocks are an echo of his disturbed mind. Since here, the art reflects the artist, the work was his original, his novelty.

So, repeating what I said-

Don’t reflect art. Anyone polished enough can be a mirror. But let the art reflect you. That way, you are sealed in its existence forever, irreplaceable.



So, what is the I? The I is my individual mindscape. It is the eye with which I see the world around me.

The universe, as we see it, is not external to us, but rather our own internal, colored representation of what is external. In truth, we humans, we creatures with a sixth sense, live in our minds. Our real strength is the power of our minds – the power to innovate, to see the world differently; the power to create and destroy. 

When we fuse the elements in our mind – our ideas, beliefs, perspectives, knowledge, emotions, imaginations – with the forms of art inspired by the external world, the periphery where the two worlds meet becomes a novel expression. Here, art as is appreciated by the world, and the world as it is seen by me, fuse together to give something seen and unseen before. A freshness in the familiarity.

So, my way of being unique is –

  1. Exploring the unexplored caverns and crevices of my mind, fabricating my fascinating mindcity by traversing its vast distances; by finding out all that lies hidden in my mind – my subconscious beliefs, my way of thinking, my self – concept; basically, by digging to the depths of all that I am and can be.
  2. And then, learning as much as I can from the outside world – concepts, disciplines, forms of art, historical events – looking at all of this from my lenses, observing others look at them through their eyes, learning the ways of how different minds work, how different eras existed, how different places are different; basically, voyaging the breadth of the outside world.
  3. The last is the periphery that I create – where I fuse the skill acquired from the outside world with my unique mindscape – to birth inktrails of art from their union. Inktrails so peculiar to the periphery where the world in which the common people wander and the world where I prowl alone blend into one. The conventional arts with a touch of myself.

So, that is why mastering a skill alone isn’t enough. To stand out among the maestros, to become inimitable, infusing the essence of our personal mindscape is also important.




Now, going back to our initial metaphor of ‘the art being the artist’s reflection’, it is not necessary that only one form of art must convey the expressions of the artist. Any art, polished enough, can become a mirror. When a unique perspective has been carved out of the mind, it can manifest itself to the external world through any medium when the mastery is acquired.

And a motley is better too. Because a variety flavors the interests of people. A dynamic interplay of various arts is a lot more fascinating to behold that a monotone.

That’s why I wouldn’t stop with just enhancing my potential. When I carve out ten different niches instead of just one and weave them all together with my major ‘passion potential’ then the mode of expression itself becomes a personal innovation. Because no one else can combine the forms of expression in the ratio in which I do. The collage – the way of putting things together – is my imagination even if the pictures I have used aren’t my own.

So explore as many different directions as possible. Let all the mirrors reflect you.


I am the art that art expresses.


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