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October 2, 2018

Somewhere in the end of the world…


A million voices of human misunderstandings rise up to the deepening sky, and the night swells up with the heat of embroilment. Depressed gormands swarm in small inns and big, uncried tears and the sweat of a many contained bodies dampening the atmosphere. Food tastes well to the tongue and leaden to the heart that is heavier than the big body, with iron fingers of grief raking against its red surface.

And elsewhere, pubs sizzle with the sickly sweet fragrance of women and men who cover their hollow sorrows in place of their bodies. The night is alive with the sound of laughter, music, and life that tramples the silently sleeping pain; the pain that has been the dried red bricks that build big cities. The jazz and music screech loud to hush the ache of a void that screams from within each person bejeweled in laughing diamonds.

And the night is hot and heavy for a reason – the scent of food and perfume collide with the stench of hollow depression creating tension. No amount of fresh chillness from the moon’s affectionate caressing can dust away this earthly pain anymore. The night was no more magical.

But that’s when,

that’s when the moon began to weep, silver dollops of sympathy streaming down its creamy face, falling on the Earthly soil and brightening it for a moment before the black smoke of human vileness pollutes the whiteness.

The heat is sweltering, misery silently steals down the eye, the moon is melting with a desperate affection…


Somewhere in the end of the world, a celestial river of liquid silver strays into the brown worldly mud. Laughter sparkles in its calm currents that rush forward to embrace the entire world. It sings the song of children and the hymns of innocent hearts that throb with love.

The moon has left the serene heights of the sky to stride the rough and callous Earth, even if every step it burned with the draught of human mediocrity and seared with a pain so unknown to a soul as pure as the moon’s. And yet, the milky orb abandoned its divine realm to walk among the plane of untamed mortals. Its effervescent silver chimes are singed with soot as the burning whiteness of the moon disintegrates with the Earthly dirt.

But the heat of the night has transcended the world, to touch tenderly the moon, and melt down its soft heart into a river of love, that engulfs the Earth with remorse and rebirths the immortal essence of love. The sacrificial descent of one immortal into this world of gloom has sparked the flames of a new magic in the night, and the air is once again alive with the humming of love and humanity.

In every land traced by the silver river of love, the leaden and smoke drenched human hearts turn to gold, and a million moons of affection reflect the bubbling, molten silver that snakes through the Earth. Humanity is reborn from dark embers, with the fire of one divine heart…


Bereft of the moon, the night is black. But when the Earth is held by infinite chains of loving hands, the dark night is devoid of terror.


A single silver soul had enlivened the entire world with the sparkling colors of change.


To all the great men who hath, and do still, walk this mortal Earth, to inspire greatness


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  • Reply Gayathri Narendran November 2, 2018 at 4:50 am

    Hope for good things among darkness is inspiring…Nice one..

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