ELEGIES Verses, Hymns and Symphonies


January 26, 2019

Autumn leaves of bygone days tumble to the ground

Leaflets turned from time erased nestle in a mound.

Winter fast approaches with her solemn, silent dirges,

Abstruse array of colors flood the sky as night emerges.

Like all things sure does descend the end,

All things that began, to re-begin, must rend.

A procession to the potter’s field, chorusing a requiem trudge

Whimsical gusts – like memory- winds, at sable cloaks do nudge.

Grim faces chiseled of stone, onwards, on shoulders borne a hearse

Soon to mount a bier their own, these men living a farce.

Their dirges own tolling unheard yet

March these men their futures unmet.

Amidst the gathering of condolence, in mask black a man, watching

As laments wet the air with grief of him that lay departing.

“Oh, melodies make of mourning today for ‘nother,’’ laughed he, grave

“Ages hence these elegies same you’ll listen from thy grave

For left he hasn’t but only returned

It’s we that stay counting to end.”

Touched by the wakening fingers of death, took up the call a hag,

“‘Tis true what says that man in black, his words of wisdom brag

For why deny in deliberate blindness what one thing’s sure to be?

Ain’t not birth destined from start to the guillotine- death’s decree?’’

Silence through the woods dark ran

As the man black, to sing began.

“All incessant elements walk untrampled one day to be bent,

Poems today wreathed for the lover, cruel and indifferent.

Joy and sorrow – twin empires – their rule shall rubble turn

Dry rakes of rills to taste their water once more soon must yearn.

Histories huge in volumes abound

Forgotten with old languages’ sound.

Rustling turn the pages of the calendar plump, untorn

Summer and spring and winter and autumn of antiqued years mourn.

Winds profuse with scents of glory picked from hither and thither

Along with wreck of empires great sunk through sand, do wither.

For him and her that sleep unwaked

This elegy, hear, for those time raked.

Neither the wheel of Time escapes – all likeliness of present,

Unknown in the face of ever transforming future’s sure Advent.

Then of this Earthly terrain what being could ever dream

To lay behind with no need for a dirge on his grave to beam?

So, though living wouldn’t it prudent be

To write this elegy for you and me?

Let the song of closing be the disclosing of  truth

The acceptance that one day all must mount the hearse” he qouth.

Twixt the darkness dimmed, the bier down on soil kept

In moments last in memory stand, men mourning him that left.

In stillness moments uncounted gather

A chill sigh collective ascends to the ether.

The man masked one time final began his song of jape

“- but do you know that death itself it’s iron claws can’t ‘scape?

When old a soul in body new replace one forgotten dance,

Relentless, life afresh on Earth, gallows to death commands.

To death too death, so sing with me

For the day departing, this elegy.”



-Sahana Narendran

© 2019 Sahana Narendran

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