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January 17, 2019

Towns chime with the wake of eve

Horse carts trotting past,

A hundred years, now skyscrapers cleave

The landscape that won’t last.

Won’t last, nothing won’t last on Earth

Neither this country side,

Nor the thrumming beat of youth

Nor havens of kings pride.

The wielders of powers- sorry victims

For, faceless forces watch.

Monuments, imperialists’ pilgrims

Tumble to sands that scorch.

A faceless force, a formless face,

A power unboasting, mounting.

Breathing eternal in silence

Time- profoundly felt, caught not in sighting.

All that shouts and breaks the throne

With iron claws that clasp,

Come tomorrow must yield and be gone

Void in place of its harsh rasp.

Boast, boast all you must with your counted breath,

Timed years, say a thousand.

But the unseen king dons the unseen wreath-

Tomorrow turns empires to sand.


© 2019 Sahana Narendran

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